Each year, Avon Metals manufactures 15,000 metric tonnes of primary & secondary (scrap) based aluminium alloys from our site in the UK.

Our melted aluminium alloy product range includess the following: –

Product mix Photo - 2012
Aluminium Master Alloys
For producers of aluminium foil, sheet, aerospace plate, extrusion, slab, bar, billet, beverage can stock, forgings.
Al. Pebbles/Shot
For producers of primary and secondary aluminium alloys, alloy wheel makers.
Aluminium Casting Alloys
For producers of automotive castings (cylinder heads & blocks, wheels, brake calipers), aerospace castings, lost wax investment castings, pressure die castings.
Ferro Aluminium
For producers of low-melting point steel.
Aluminium Deoxidants
For producers of steel, stainless steel and superalloys.