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Aluminium Alloys
World leading manufacturer of aluminium casting alloys (Ingot) and master alloys
Al. Pebbles/Shot
High purity aluminium pebbles used alloying and deox purposes
FeAl 2
Ferro Alloys
Ferro Aluminium and Ferro Titanium used in steel production
Nickel Scrap
Nickel/Cobalt Alloys
We buy and sell a whole range of Nickel and Cobalt alloy revert scrap - Inconel, Rene, Monel, MAR-M, Nimonic, Hastelloy and Udimet
Minor Metals
We are a buyer and supplier of all minor metals such as Hf, Ta, Ni, Co, Zr, V and many more. We process these materials at our processing facility Avon Specialty Metals.
Comm Pure 2
Scrap We Buy
Click here to see a list of the Aluminium/Copper/Iron scrap we buy. We also sell surplus to requirement scrap Aluminium/Copper/Iron. Contact Us for your requirements.
Proud Members of the following Associations:
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Our company is an award-winning, privately-owned UK-based manufacturer of specification aluminium alloy ingots and a physical processor and trader of scrap Aluminium, Nickel and Cobalt revert alloys and an extensive range of exotic minor metals including Chromium, conflict-free Tantalum, Niobium, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Rhenium, Hafnium, Zirconium, Vanadium, Manganese, Silicon and Magnesium.

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