In the development of aluminium and its uses, scientific research has shown how selective elements in small concentrations enhance its physical characteristics.The practical difficulties of introducing these elements in a manufacturing process are overcome when they are successfully combined in a medium of aluminium, hence the requirement for aluminium-based master alloys.

Avon Metals uses induction and reverb melting technology to produce range of primary and secondary (scrap) based master alloys to service major rolling mills, casthouses and remelt plants throughout the world.

Aluminium Master Alloys

All master alloys are in a 7kg waffle plate or a 5kg ingot.

Aluminium Berylium (Albe) 5%

Aluminium Chromium (AlCr) 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%

Aluminium Cobalt (AlCo) 10%

Aluminium Copper (AlCu) 10%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 70%

Aluminium Iron (AlFe) 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 45%, 50%

Aluminium Manganese (AlMn) 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%

Aluminium Magnesium (AlMg) 5%, 6%, 10%, 20%

Aluminium Molybdenum (AlMo) 10%

Aluminium Nickel (AlNi) 10%, 20%, 25%

Aluminium Silicon (AlSi) 12%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 50%

Aluminium Silver (AlAg) 10%, 25%, 50%

Aluminium Strontium (AlSr) 10%, 15%

Aluminium Titanium (AlTi) 5%, 6%, 10%

Aluminium Vanadium (AlV) 5%, 10%, 65%, 75%, 85%

Aluminium Zirconium (AlZr) 5%, 10%, 15%

Aluminium Scandium (AlSc) 2%, 8%

We also offer a range of aluminium grain refiners

SILICON MODIFICATION: for the microstructure

Aluminium alloys containing up to 14% Silicon will solidify naturally into coarse, brittle plates of Silicon in a medium of Aluminium. The mechanical strength and ductility of such a casting will be poor and its use limited.

Modification of AISi into a fine, fibrous microstructure brings a marked improvement in properties. Fast cooling will achieve the modified AISi structure, but the presence of Strontium produces a similar effect that exists for several hours under normal foundry conditions. Strontium additions are typically introduced in the form of an aluminium based Master Alloy during melt preparation.

> Titanium to 10% waffle plate

> Strontium to 10% waffle plate

> Zirconium to 10% waffle plate

> Vanadium to 10% waffle plate

>Ti5B1 Rod and AlSr10% Rod

Our aluminium master alloy range includes: –

Avon Metals Master Alloy Brochure

Physical Form

5 kg ingot / 7 kg waffle plate

Customer preference dictates the size and method of packing and any colour codes used for identification.